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admin-aim10/17/17 1:14 PM1 min read

Announcing My New Book: Create More Flow

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my newest book, Create More Flow, which aims to help today’s leaders increase productivity, creativity and happiness.

In my work with companies, executives and teams around the country, I have witnessed the powerful impact flow can have on one’s work and life. While the result of time spent in flow can be incredibly impactful, it can be easy to become overwhelmed thinking about the process. That’s why I wrote Create More Flow. In the book I offer insights on how to increase productivity, creativity, and happiness through tangible examples and sample exercises.

This book has been a labor of love and passion for me. It’s my solution to the struggle people face as they navigate the ever-growing and changing demands of our world that expects us to be on, connected and productive 24/7.

I invite you to learn more about flow and identify ways to achieve more impact in your daily life whether at work or home. At the foundation of creating more flow is building in habits, systems, and strategies for tackling things we have decided are worthy of our attention.

Here’s to finding and creating opportunities to create more flow and being more impactful, productive and content.