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admin-aim9/27/17 2:17 AM1 min read

Igniting Your Passion: From Puppies To Work

From a very early age, my daughter has been completely obsessed with puppies. I’m not sure where this passion came from or who nurtured it, but her infatuation with has been persistent and prevalent. Recently, my aunt showed up for dinner with a white, puffy thing called Cody. Before I could see the fluff ball, I could hear my two-year-old daughter’s squeals of delight.

Full disclosure: I’m not anti-pet, but I’m more into pets that aren’t my responsibility. This may reflect the fact that my parents were also ambivalent about pets. In fact, they couldn’t even successfully care for classroom pets over the summer months (but I’ll spare you those details). None of this, however, has had any impact on my daughter. Her pet obsession and, specifically, her puppy obsession are a constant focus. On early morning runs, she’ll spot a dog, sometimes in the far distance, and start to squeal with delight. Her favorite stuffed toys are all dogs, and they’re all called “puppy.” Simply put, puppies are her current — and sometimes it seems only — passion.

Since there are many dog lovers in the world, most people are delighted to see my daughter’s passion for puppies. For the longest time, I would cringe as strangers affirmed her puppy passion. Admittedly, at first, I hoped she would grow out of this phase. Now, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not this is where passion is born. Could it be that her puppy passion will continue to guide her choices later in life? Will her work be connected to dogs or at least animals? If so, should I foster rather than squelch her passion?

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