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admin-aim9/26/17 6:54 AM1 min read

Flow Hack: Take the Guesswork Out of Peak Performance

With advancements in neuroscience, we are beginning to better understand peak performance and what specifically produces that coveted state of “flow.” While what gets you into flow is deeply personal, and what you create is exceptional and unique, there are some common tenets for what creates peak performance.

Benefits Of Finding Your Flow

Flow is good for the bottom line at work and at home. In flow, we are 500% more productive and up to 700% more creative. The people who experience the most flow also report being the happiest.

Since returning to work after my second baby, I have been trying to hack flow —trying to reliably recreate peak performance — and do so in short, scheduled spurts (when the kids are sleeping).

Like everyone reading this blog, my life and my days are overfull. There are more demands on me and my time than there are hours in a day. I run my own business and have two young children. Earlier this year, my mother totaled her car and broke her neck, and my childless, widowed uncle has been navigating cancer. While my marriage is modern — yes, my husband is very involved and a true partner — the bulk of household planning still falls to me.

While I am maxed out, there is nothing I want to give up.  So, I am also actively pursuing new ways to manage all my commitments. And don’t tell me I can’t have it all! I am committed to finding a way to have it all and manage it all, too. Flow-hacking is my new mindset for rethinking how to live and redesigning how I operate to experience more time in flow — at home, with my kids, at work and in life. I want more time when I feel great and am creating at my most optimized.

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