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admin-aim1/23/21 7:00 AM3 min read

Feed It Forward February

What if doing good could make your life better, simpler, and saner? What if one kind act could create a lasting ripple on the giver and receiver? It can, which is why I’m launching #FeedItForwardFeb! 

Most of us have been blessed by the generosity of others over the past year and understand the generosity cycle (it is better to give than receive). Also, all of us have something to share and the capacity to provide hope. 

Feeding It Forward

Before delving into the Feed It Forward February challenge, I want to share three short accounts of generosity  that have recently touched my life.  

A few weeks ago, I logged on to Facebook to show my daughter photos of a second cousin who is training as a ballerina. Later that day, I sent my cousin a fun note about how in awe my daughter was of her daughter’s talent. Its has been a decade since I’ve seen this cousin, so I was naturally surprised when three exquisite ballerina dresses arrived in the mail just a few days later. Although our daughters have never met, the love, generosity, and kindness of this exchange was awe-inspiring.

I was recently Zooming with a Boston legend, David Chang. We met while doing work with eBay, and he later brought me in to help a client at a difficult moment. During our virtual meeting, I shared a staffing challenge. David immediately responded by providing a link to 15 potential staffing solutions. Although we connect infrequently, David’s actions reflected the generosity by which he lives.

Last spring, stress was surging, and I was struggling to figure out how to stay sane, work remotely, and homeschool two young children. As part of my kids’ remote gym class, I would take them out for a bike ride and use the occasion to squeeze in a run. One day, an older woman called out to me on the street, “Hey, Mom, you are doing great!” This stranger’s comments bolstered my spirits for months and still inspire me nearly a year later.

These exchanges may not have been life-changing, but they were all profoundly significant. In times like these, the generosity of a distant relative, the support of a business connection, and the inspiring words of a stranger have impacted my ability to keep going in the face of adversity. I suspect that I’m not alone.


Starting in 2021, I am establishing a new tradition–Feed It Forward February. I’m inviting you to join me. Here are a few ideas of how you can #FeedItForwardFeb over the coming month.

Feed Forward Things

  • What things do you no longer need? What could rock someone else’s world?
  • Look through your closet, basement, or attic for opportunities to create magic.
  • What toys, games, or sports equipment have your children outgrown? Whose life might these objects enrich? If you don’t have any small children in your life, there are many organizations in desperate need of these objects. Look for an organization accepting donations in your community.

Feed Forward Thoughts

  • Kindness,  compliments, and expressions of gratitude can have a powerful impact on the people in our lives. 
  • Who in your life needs a boost? How can you use your thoughts and words to support them?
  • How can you do the same for strangers? How might a few kind words for an essential worker at the grocery store make someone else’s day?

Feed Forward Time

  • Many of us are stretched for time, and some of us have found more time as work has shifted online. If you now have more time, how can you share it? 
  • Could you use your extra time to volunteer in person or online in some capacity? 
  • Do you have older relatives or neighbors riding out the pandemic alone? Could you spare a few minutes each day to check-in?

Feeding it forward is about others–your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers in your community. It also comes with distinct benefits to your health and wellness

Start counting your Love bombs!  Tag them as #FeedItForwardFeb