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admin-aim5/15/21 6:28 AM1 min read

Do I need a business psychologist? Take this Quiz

If you lead an organization, you will likely benefit from working with a business psychologist at some point, and it won’t necessarily be because you’re struggling. Because leadership work is difficult, it tends to be stressful and even lonely. Business psychologists are there to support leaders through the best and worst of times.

To determine whether you need a business psychologist, start by taking the following quiz.

Do you ever feel lonely or isolated?

Fact: Almost half of CEOs report experiencing loneliness at least some of the time, and 61% say it impacts their performance. Business psychologists can and do fill this gap. They are there to listen and to serve as a trusted thought partner. They get business, but they also understand how difficult and sometimes lonely it is to lead.  

Would your team benefit from the facilitation of a business psychologist?

We’re on more teams now than ever before, but teams don’t always work. Sometimes having an outside set of eyes is the best way to solve team dysfunctions. 

Are you experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety?

Just three in five newly appointed CEOs live up to performance expectations in their first 18 months on the job. Stress and anxiety are often the key culprits. Business psychologists can help new CEOs retain the mindset needed to succeed.  

Are mental health issues negatively impacting your productivity or revenue?

Between 2011 and 2030, mental health problems could cost over $16.3 trillion globally in lost economic output. One of the best ways to mitigate the cost of mental health issues is to invest.  A recent KPMG study found that when organizations invest in resilience or stress management training, they yield a return of $1.30 to over $4.70 for each dollar spent on training.

Do you understand how business is shaped by people, behaviors, and emotions?

Emotions drive everything from markets to organizations. As a result, as a business leader, it is important to understand how people, behaviors, and emotions influence the bottom line. Business psychologists can help leaders unpack these complex relationships. 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you would benefit from working with a business psychologist. Keep reading to learn more about how a business psychologist can support your work as a leader, or set up a time to talk Dr. Camille Preston