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Hacking Procrastination

We all want to experience the power of “flow”–that moment when we’re completely in the zone and performing and feeling our best. In this state, we’re 5x more productive and 7x more creative, and it feels amazing. But, getting into flow is much easier said than done. Sometimes, we actually find ourselves dragging our feet on certain tasks, and it makes us feel guilty and anxious.

In most scenarios, however, a little bit of procrastination can help your productivity. Creating some pre-deadline tension is often the key to producing your best and most creative work. When you find yourself struggling through a procrastination period, here are some tips to help get you back on track.

Think of yourself as “pressure prompted”

Reclaim the power of procrastination by rebranding it! Often, this is just your way of creating a healthy amount of tension before a deadline. Begin to notice how much pressure works best for you, and to get creative about how you inject that tension into your life. Most importantly, the next time you “procrastinate,” don’t be down on yourself. Celebrate that great things are about to happen!

Learn more about how to effectively reclaim your procrastination.


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