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AIM TEAMMar 17, 2021 4:43:45 AM1 min read

Case Study 3: Leadership Team of Cross-border Nonprofit

A rapidly growing international non-profit had just acquired another organization, and the leadership team was over-extended. Focused on growth, mission, and impact, they had been neglecting processes, people, structures, and systems. By the time the CEO contracted with AIM Leadership, there were visible fault lines in the organization, and they were questioning the viability of their acquisition.

Camille offered coaching conversations, 360 assessments, and priority mapping for the organization’s leadership team. This quickly helped them cultivate the awareness needed to effectively manage their capacity and scale their growth. Camille also worked with the leaders to create new structures and systems. Most importantly, she helped the organization make strategic leadership changes, which included offboarding two leaders, onboarding one new leader, and elevating two managers to higher-level positions. These changes resulted in a more even distribution of responsibilities. The impact was especially profound for one leader who was finally able to get out of the weeds and bring her energy to high-level decision-making, which had a ripple effect across the organization.

Result: Following their engagement with AIM Leadership, the leaders of the nonprofit reported increased unity, clarity, and alignment and increased ability to make difficult decisions. When the pandemic arrived a year later, the organization’s geographically dispersed leaders quickly transitioned to working fully online and reported continued momentum throughout the shutdown.