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AIM TEAMMar 17, 2021 4:44:31 AM< 1 min read

Case Study 4: Manager-level Engagement for Technology Start-Up

After nine months of working remotely, a leader at a technology start-up was looking for a way to re-engage her team. She knew morale was low. Fearing potential retention problems down the line, she wanted to find a way to quickly and effectively re-engage her team.

Camille developed a tailored and interactive three-pronged program designed to engage talent in learning, creating community, and innovating. The program, which targeted middle managers, was rolled out on AIM Leadership’s online platform and included asynchronous learning (video, reading, activities), team discussions, and one-time voluntary coaching engagements.

Result: The month-long engagement helped the team develop a shared language to focus forward. Two months after the engagement, the leader reported increased team cohesion, collective problem-solving, and alignment.