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AIM TEAMMar 17, 2021 4:39:43 AM< 1 min read

Case Study 2: C-Suite of Regional Medical System

The CEO of one of the country’s top 10 medical systems knew he had exceptional talent within his leaders yet recognized they were falling short as a team. As the fourth CEO in just five years, he was actively looking for answers. He approached Camille to help understand the executive team’s shortcomings and align its members.

Over the next six months, the team underwent a massive transformation. Shortly after the end of their engagement, Covid-19 changed healthcare forever. The team drew on their newfound alignment and focus to get ahead of the curve (they were the first hospital in their state to proactively cancel elective surgeries and the first to integrate military strategies to prepare for surge). Most importantly, they were also able to respond to the crisis without losing sight of their long-term goals.

Result: A previously struggling team found its footing and is now thriving, even as many other healthcare executive teams are struggling and facing burnout. Throughout the pandemic, they have led their state’s pandemic response, establishing new standards for care.