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Understanding individual leaders from the inside out to ignite system-level change

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How Business Psychologists Work with Leaders and Teams

A business psychologists is a leadership “Coach Plus.” A business psychologist can do much more than offer tactical solutions. She can dig below the surface to resolve problems at the point of origin. This is how business psychologists lay the foundation for sustainable change over time.

Advantages of working with a business psychologist

Business psychologists build on insights from psychology, neuroscience, and business to drive workplace effectiveness and wellbeing. They drill down on client’s core values to dissect past choices. Where there is friction (e.g., lack of alignment between a leader and system), business psychologists peel back the layers to get to the root cause of the tension.

Business psychologists help individuals, teams, and organizations :

  • Clarify desired outcomes and dig below the surface to identify and understand internal or external factors blocking the realization of desired outcomes;
  • Assess systems, identify breakdowns and gaps, and flag what needs to change (e.g., systemic problems blocking progress);
  • Increase alignment by ensuring individuals and teams and aligned around a core mandate and understand factors interfering with alignment;
  • Improve decision making and understand how psychology and specific cognitive skills can drive decision-making processes forward;
  • Create options by helping leaders see the complexity of any situation and develop the perspective required to be fully aware of all the options, impacts, and consequences at work;
  • Manage bandwidth to help individuals and teams do more by engaging stakeholders in understanding the larger system and identifying/addressing new ways of working/being (e.g., replacing old habits with more productive habits);
  • Support talent management (e.g., identifying talent gaps and under-utilized talent resources) to ensure the right people are working at the right level;
  • Improve workplace culture by embedding the right workplace psychology to drive future success;
  • Manage change by ensuring change is sustainable, scalable, and aligned with core values;
  • Promote wellbeing and resilience to drive higher productivity, higher retention, higher revenues, and greater impact by focusing on the mental health and wellness of the entire system (i.e., individual, team, and organization);
  • Identify opportunities (e.g., business levers) and gain clarity on which opportunities will yield the greatest impact to drive sustainable change.

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