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A 10-Week Intensive to Build Agility and Level Up Your Leadership.

"The program is an exceptional use of time as I am able to immediately apply what is being discussed. I personally am getting the most out of the breakout sessions, which are open, honest and impactful."

Vice President, Optoro

Who This Program Serves

Senior managers, leaders, and founders with a desire to identify their personal and professional priorities, cultivate better habits, and drive long-term change in themselves and throughout their organization. 

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Take Control of Your Own Leadership Growth

When you join the AIM Leadership Deep Dive, you will...

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Clarify and Map Priorities

Create a tailored, interactive plan that articulates priorities and identifies the small steps you can take to achieve even the most ambitious goals. The tool puts each leader in control of his or her own leadership journey.
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Increase Self-Awareness and Adopt a New Lens of Perspective on Leadership

Complete two exclusive laser coaching sessions to help refine your Priority Map, accelerate growth, and discover how to this for others.

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Engage in Peer Learning and Build Accountability

Interact with like-minded professionals in 10 dynamic Zoom conversations to apply ideas, cultivate leadership skills, and experience the benefits of peer-driven learning.
Take Your Leadership To a New Level

A suite of tools at your disposal

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Live in Your Learning Zone

Participants report spending more time in their learning zones, even in the face of increased VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).


Accelerate your Growth

Participants cultivate the awareness needed to understand where they are at and the levers needed to drive change on a personal and professional level.


Manage Energy + Mitigate Burnout

Participants actively track what is draining versus recharging them at work and in life and adopt strategies to prevent burnout before it happens.


Cultivate Perspective

Participants build reflection and perspective-taking into their daily routines, becoming more effective decision makers. They understand how to operate at different altitudes.


Create More

Participants build and refine systems to do more while expending less energy, reporting greater impact and lower levels of burnout.



Participants understand trust and how breaches of trust impact their ability to manage their teams and exert influence. They begin to repair breaches in trust across domains.


Establish Boundaries

Participants establish and maintain clearer boundaries across domains (at work and home), reporting positive impacts on their time, fulfillment, and energy levels.



Participants reflect on their relationship to conflict, acquire new tools for conflict management, and begin to address and repair conflicts on their teams and across their organizations.


Optimize Performance

Flow is the state of mind achieved when we're fully immersed in an activity, be it at work or in play. Participants report spending more time in flow and having more impact.


Lead With IQ, EQ, and Embodied Presence

At the conclusion of the 10-week Deep Dive, participants report a higher capacity to lead holistically. Rather than over-indexing on cognition alone, they lead with their heads, hearts, and bodies.

What You Get When You Sign Up For This Course

Ten 50-minute group sessions with peer leaders every week.
Two one-on-one coaching sessions.
Priority Mapping Assessment to clarify priorities in your personal and professional life.
Weekly resources to help you reflect on and own the process of driving your personal and professional growth nowand in the future.

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Meet Dr. Camille Preston

Dr. Camille Preston is a business psychologist and the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership--an executive leadership firm that works with leaders, teams, and organizations to align and optimize human capital to drive scalable and sustainable results.

Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, Preston has helped hundreds of leaders navigate the challenges of today’s disrupted workplace. She also helps teams work together more effectively by discovering how to map priorities, build trust, and optimize systems.

A recognized thought leader on leadership, virtual effectiveness, and team optimization, Camille is the author of two books, Rewired and Create More Flow, a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Fast Company, and Thrive, and a sought-after keynote speaker.

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What Deep Dive Participants Are Saying

"This program has completely exceeded my expectations. I was candidly hesitant at the beginning, driven by what I perceived as time constraints. Now, I’m grateful for the opportunity. The program content and format are consistently creating ‘aha moments’ that make me look at both personal and business situations in a different way. Camille invests in the individual. She also creates a space to purposefully engage and explore beyond one’s comfort zone and without judgment. It is the most important hour I spend in a given week."

Lynne, Director of Operations
Red Oak Sourcing

"In just one hour per week, Camille created an exceptionally intimate and connected experience that enabled every leader to bring their full self to the conversation. With a weekly reading and reflection as pre- work, Camille introduces new concepts, holds a mirror up so each participant can reflect on their actions, and then helps each leader adopt alternative strategies to be even more effective and successful at work."

Polly, Senior VP
Sharon Merrill Investor Relations

"This program is not about telling you how to become a better leader. Structured upon a series of weekly Deep Dive sessions that build upon one another week after week, it requires participants to perform self-evaluations, identify areas of improvement, and then apply these tools and techniques to their personnel and professional lives. One of the most useful tools I have taken away from the Deep Dive events has been the concept of altitude. Building increased awareness about how to achieve the right altitude for the right stakeholders is helping me and my managers think more strategically about our leadership approach."

Scott, Head of Global Safety & Quality
CHC Helicopter

"There were many things I knew I should be doing and wasn’t. The tools I encountered in the Deep Dive program are simple and actionable. They were the levers I needed to start working differently. I now feel like I am set up and able to drive change."

Judy, Corporate Controller
The David Company

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