• Great leaders are self-aware, lead with clarity, create genuine connections, and live purposefully. AIM Leadership develops these essential success strategies. We go deep and get real, fast.

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  • Leadership is a lifestyle. AIM Coaching transforms the whole person, so you become a better leader, manager, employee, parent, spouse, person. Live better with AIM Coaching.

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  • Can you collaborate effectively with anyone, anywhere? Are you managing technology or is it managing you? AIM can teach you strategies for sustained success in our virtual world.

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  • Engage yourself and your teams, even more fully. AIM’s learning integrates real experiences, applies the latest thinking and unlocks strengths.

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  • Are you Overwired? Are you as effective as you could be? Are you in the fast lane, but unsure which direction you are headed? AIM Resources have the answers.

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  • Leverage the power of your peers. AIM can show you how to engage dynamic individuals so you can learn through diverse perspectives and be inspired from different industries.

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  • Rewired offers refreshing insight in its clarity, heart, and scope. It’s more than about rewiring from technology; it is about plugging into life.
    Joanne Gordon, co-author, with Howard Schultz, of Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul
  • I just read Rewired and highly recommend it to my clients and friends in business, as well as my family and friends. Camille Preston, the author, helps us gain clarity in this crazy world we live in, a world in which we receive an endless flow of emails and information on the Internet. What can we do? We are losing […]
    John Keyser, Business Leadership Coach
  • Rewired is my savior. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading this wonderful book. It’s a quick read with great research and advice regarding how technology has impacted our lives and how we can learn to successfully manage the flow of being connected (i.e., wired). I’ve shared this information with my firm and have decided to work […]
    Melissa Means, Partner, Pearl Meyer & Partners Consulting

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