Camille masterfully facilitated a team retreat that strengthened a team separated by time zones, cultures, and backgrounds. She helped enable heartfelt conversation that was forthright but not forced, allowing the team to push through to the next level necessary for an ambitious undertaking. Remarkably, the shift in perspective was evident within days, as I witnessed concrete changes in people’s behavior.  

– Monica Brand, Principal Director, Frontier Investments 

Camille’s presentation on Mastering Female Leadership was dynamic, engaging and insightful. Her content resonated with women across multiple GE businesses and experience levels, helping us identify opportunities to become more effective leaders. Many of us wanted to hear her speak longer, so much that we are looking forward to bringing her back to speak again.

– Lynn Wasielewski, General Electric

As the CEO of a fast growing company, I need to maximize my time for optimal efficiency. Camille’s training has helped me to understand the science behind peak performance and neuro rhythms. As a result, I am able to churn out massive amounts of creative and strategic work. Her tips have had a great impact on both my work and my life. The “Hack Flow” course has made me more efficient so that I can do more of what I love. As I continue to use these strategies in my own work, I also intend to train my team how to Hack Flow.”

– Nicole Sahin, CEO, Globalization Partners


In today’s workplace, employees and leaders are faced with extreme challenges that impact their effectiveness and ability to achieve results. Knowing how to navigate the constantly changing work environment has never been greater. AIM Leadership works with companies to develop and deliver customized training sessions that increase workplace engagement, optimize performance, and maximize their virtual effectiveness. Led by Dr. Camille Preston, nationally recognized author and speaker, our training programs are always uniquely created to help address the specific challenges your organization is currently facing.  


AIM Leadership's Approach

Identify Problems

The AIM Leadership approach focuses on identifying the underlying patterns and behaviors that prevent individuals and teams from reaching peak performance. We dig deep to discover obstacles that may not be visible on the surface and help individuals and teams realign for success.

Foster Conditions for Change

Fixing problems is worthless if you don’t change the conditions that supported them it the first place. AIM Leadership focuses on fostering the conditions that not only prevent chronic organizational problems from coming back but also help individuals and teams reach new levels of productivity and optimization.

Help Change Go Viral

Energized, focused, and inspired work is infectious. AIM Leadership helps individuals and teams further optimize by learning how to effectively lead others through example. We help generate the focus and flow needed to optimize and excel in a competitive and fast-paced world.