I have ridiculously high expectations when it comes to speakers and Camille’s presentation blew me away. She made the concept of flow accessible to every single person in the room, and found a way to give us all something we could use to make our lives better tomorrow.  

– Beth Monaghan, CEO, Inkhouse

Dr. Preston beautifully diagnoses our always-connected, mentally-scattered times. Create More Flow is a call to bring out our best selves with a prescription of tips to parry back distractions and context switching and find blocks of focused time to achieve true flow—and boy it feels good when you pull it off.

– Jeff Glueck, CEO Foursquare

Camille’s presentation on Mastering Female Leadership was dynamic, engaging and insightful. Her content resonated with women across multiple GE businesses and experience levels, helping us identify opportunities to become more effective leaders. Many of us wanted to hear her speak longer, so much that we are looking forward to bringing her back to speak again.

– Lynn Wasielewski, General Electric


A recognized thought leader in virtual effectiveness, Dr. Camille Preston has been invited to speak to leaders and organizations around the world about how to hack today’s wired workplace. Camille inspires audiences to do more and find more joy in what they do. People walk away from her speaking engagement feeling inspired, energized, and empowered. They leave with the knowledge and tools needed to begin working and living with more impact.

Create Flow, Ignite Productivity, and Optimize Well-being

In this presentation, Camille Preston presents an overview of flow and its role in productivity, effectiveness, and growth. She also outlines five actionable strategies to achieve more flow in your life and work. Attendees will walk away with best practices and strategies for building a flow-centric workplace, such as developing internal control, prioritizing tasks, and building self-management skills.
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Rewired for Results: Work Smarter and Live Harder

In her widely acclaimed book, Rewired, Camille Preston examined how our overuse of technology is negatively impacting our brains, our bodies, our personal and professional relationships, and our productivity. In this talk, learn practical skills to unwire and step back from technology to regain clarity and focus, set boundaries and establish effective systems to be more productive and fulfilled, personally and professionally.

Got Grit? How Facing Fears Makes You a Better Leader

Grit is courage and firmness in the face of hardship. It’s the single biggest factor to overcoming obstacles, setbacks, challenges, and adversity, and it’s the most important factor in great leadership. In this talk, Camille Preston dares you to imagine not just embracing fear but actively seeking out situations that terrify you with confidence.

Leader as Coach

Leaders who are effective coaches foster higher performance, see greater returns on investment and report higher employee retention rates. In this talk, Camille Preston explores the power of coaching to build capacity and resilience across one’s team.