In her coaching and consulting, Camille brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and enthusiasm while maintaining a balance of realism. She broke through to an employee who had been deemed ‘non-coachable’ and, on a different matter, offered sound advice regarding a major organizational change initiative. Her ability to actively listen and graciously share expertise was invaluable. I look forward to working with Camille in the future.

– Beth Banks, Director of Human Resources, Harvard Kennedy School

At times it is unsettling that Camille understands me better than I understand myself. She helped me to decode myself, to focus on outcomes, to simplify and to enjoy life more. The impact was life changing.

– Morra Aarons-Mele, Women Online

Working with Camille brought an unusual combination of structure and creativity to bear on my endeavors.  The structure she provided gave me motivation to stay on task, even with daunting, long term projects that would otherwise have been easy to postpone.  And the creative questions she posed helped me to see some of my challenges in helpful new ways, opening paths to solutions that I would never have seen on my own.  Camille brings a perfect mix of insight and energy to her engagements, offering both deep reflections and practical applications.

– Katherine Collins, Founder, Honeybee Capital

AIM Leadership’s Coaching Services

We offer a variety of coaching programs that have been developed over years of experience working with leaders of large and small organizations, and each program can be customized to meet you or your organization’s needs:

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders are made not born. Our Leadership Coaching program is designed to help individuals discover the traits within themselves that can make them effective leaders, and couple them with proven leadership tactics and techniques to define or refine their unique leadership style.

Executive Leadership

This coaching program is designed for senior executives. Our Executive Leadership program is designed to elevate senior executives to become best-in-class leaders who will leave a lasting, positive mark on their organization.

Change Leadership

Change is hard. It takes a special skill sets to navigate the rough waters of change. Our Change Leadership coaching program is designed to ground and guide leaders and executives as they help their companies transform through change, as well as assist employees through organizational changes that stem from growth, acquisitions, and mergers, and other change stimulus.


The most critical period for any employee is the first 90-days. To that end, AIM Leaderhsip has designed the Onboarding Coaching program, designed to help organizations develop a framework to onboard employees in a sustainable way that creates long-lasting results.

Team Coaching

Teams that work together effectively are more productive, innovative, and better equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Our Team Coaching program helps both on-site and virtual teams develop the communication, organization, and collaboration skills needed to excel.

Peer Coaching

AIM Leadership’s Peer Coaching delivers training, real-time coaching, facilitation, and skill development to small groups to build self-sustaining internal coaching teams. Participants practice coaching skills with peers, develop new strategies as leaders, benefit from “real-time” strategic interventions with a facilitator/coach, and receive valuable coaching from their peers.

Nearly seven years later, at a new firm I was confronted with significant opportunity and politics. I reengaged Camille for the next level of learning and was appointed chair of my North American practice area. Through her coaching, I know myself better, I am more effective in achieving outcomes, and I have adapted my work to feel more fulfilled.  

– Lee K. Van Voorhis, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP

Having worked with numerous coaches in several organizations, I highly recommend Camille.  My organization has hired Camille to work with many of our leaders and high performers, in both developmental in many different situations.  As a testament of her skills and breadth of talent, she has made a substantive and positive difference in their leadership growth.  Camille gets to understand the many layers of a person’s leadership journey, she works relentlessly to prioritize areas of development and gets to the core of what needs work.  In sum, Camille is an outstanding coach.  

– Esteban Altschul, COO, Accion

As the founder of a venture-backed startup, I face a constantly-changing set of challenges each and every day.  Camille has been invaluable in helping me to meet the professional and personal challenges that come with the pressure cooker of a tech startup, from navigating complex investor dynamics to helping me curate my leadership style and personal brand.  I am a better leader, coworker, and man for having known Camille.    

– Chris Neumann, Founder, DataHero