At times it is unsettling that Camille understands me better than I understand myself. She helped me to decode myself, to focus on outcomes, to simplify and to enjoy life more. The impact was life changing.

– Morra Aarons-Mele, Women Online

Camille is brilliant, perceptive, and real. I have worked with her for over a year, and I’ve experienced dramatic shifts both personally and professionally. Camille delivered on her promises to help me unleash my potential, aim for excellence, take action, and leave an impact.  

– Liz Sheehan, Founder, C2C

In her coaching and consulting, Camille brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and enthusiasm while maintaining a balance of realism. She broke through to an employee who had been deemed ‘non-coachable’ and, on a different matter, offered sound advice regarding a major organizational change initiative. Her ability to actively listen and graciously share expertise was invaluable. I look forward to working with Camille in the future.

– Beth Banks, Director of Human Resources, Harvard Kennedy School

360 Assessment

AIM Leadership’s 360 assessments dig deep to discover what is happening in organizations. They focus on identifying hidden patterns, unpacking barriers, building trust, and positioning individuals and organizations for success.   

Often in organizations, the factors that are inhibiting success are not apparent to leaders but fully visible to members of the team. Gathering honest feedback from all members of the team – from management and individual contributors – can reveal insights that are difficult to identify without expert outside insight. AIM Leadership’s 360 assessments help organizations unpack and respond to the obstacles that are holding them back while also identifying internal strengths they may have previously failed to recognize and leverage.


AIM Leadership's Approach


All too often, teams struggle because there is no one there to listen. That’s why AIM Leadership’s 360 assessments begin with listening. We offer teams a confidential way to share their thoughts on what’s working and what’s holding them back and preventing their success.

Identify Patterns

Teams are often too entrenched in doing things the same way to identify what are the root cause factors that might be holding them back. The second stage of our 360 assessments is to provide an outside expert perspective on identifying patterns that impact successful workflow and analyzing their impact.


AIM Leadership’s 360 assessments are ultimately about helping teams embrace change to empower them to be efficient and successful. Whether it’s overcoming a specific problem or finding the energy and focus needed to embrace the change, helping teams reach their next level of optimization and find the results they are looking for