AIM Leadership Accelerator

While the pandemic seemed to disrupt work overnight, the ripple of change will be long-lasting. Hybrid work will change who and how we lead, manage, develop, retain, and hire. In today’s complex world, sustained leadership growth requires an agile and holistic solution.
Aim leadership

Building Capacity Versus Specific Skills

Most training focuses on skills acquisition. At AIM Leadership, we focus on sustained impact and capacity building.

Learning new skills is like adding water to your cup. Learning how to self-manage is akin to creating a cup that automatically refills. It’s about building the capacity to keep learning, growing, and adapting over time.

AIM Leadership’s Solution

The AIM Leadership Accelerator is an affordable and scalable solution designed to transform how individuals operate and engage by driving growth through self-direction and self-awareness. 

From Skillset to Mindset

Constant change will make reskilling and upskilling the new normal. Workers will need to upskill by 10% annually just to stay relevant in their current jobs.  Given the pace of change, the onus on reskilling and upskilling can’t be carried by HR leaders and managers alone.  Sustained success will rest upon:

The Right Learning at the Right Time

We all learn differently. To maximize your time and streamline your learning, we simplify and diversify content – from short readings and videos to exercises and reflective questions.  We share resources that help you and your team:

Tools + Integration & Application + Collaboration = Cohesive Culture 

Choose the Path That’s Best for You and Your Team

Curious about which option is best for you and your team? Contact Dr. Camille Preston to learn more.

Interested in seeing if our approach aligns? Read some of our work or try an exercise.