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Explore excerpts from Camille Preston’s acclaimed books and ebooks.

Meeting Management

A recent study by Atlassian reports that 91% of people admit to daydreaming in meetings (notably, that’s just the number who admit to this on the survey and not necessarily the total number) and that 73% of people admit to doing other work during meetings. Download some helpful habits and tips to get out of meeting […]

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Creating More Time

We live in an always on, always connected, overwired world. We are wired and tired. While we want to be in flow and perform at our peak, too often we struggle to simply keep our head above water. We never disconnect for fear of missing something and as a result, we miss out on so […]

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Create More Time Log

Create more time by tracking your daily habits with our Create More Time Log.

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The Fixed Versus Growth Mindset

By now, you’ve probably heard about Carol Dweck’s fantastic book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Not surprisingly, as Dweck emphasizes, mindset has a huge impact on success. When you adopt a growth mindset, you’re more resilient, more creative in attempts to overcome obstacles, and more successful. From childhood to adulthood and throughout the career […]

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Create More Flow Log

In our always-on world, time is an increasingly precious resource. Indeed, for many people, lack of time has become a major source of stress at work and in life. But are we really lacking time? We are all faced with multiple work and life demands, and time is a finite resource. After all, like it […]

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Hacking Procrastination

We all want to experience the power of “flow”–that moment when we’re completely in the zone and performing and feeling our best. In this state, we’re 5x more productive and 7x more creative, and it feels amazing. But, getting into flow is much easier said than done. Sometimes, we actually find ourselves dragging our feet […]

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