Entrepreneur: How to Get Your Motivation on at Work

Everyone chases motivation, and most of us endure periods without it. Lack of motivation doesn’t just affect performance at work. It affects your emotional well-being and your ability to continue pursuing the goals you’ve set for yourself. Recharging your drive isn’t easy, especially when so many factors steal it. Plus, you might end up in a catch-22, when lack of inspiration makes it harder to pursue activities which might, in turn, give you more initiative. When you’re feeling stuck, follow these tips to recover your motivation and energy.

Replace should with why

Entrepreneur Camille Preston says the word should can sabotage your motivation at work. When you feel like you should do something, deriving a sense of purpose or passion from that activity becomes difficult. Since no one is able to derive a sense of purpose from every email they send, you might want to focus on why instead.

Then go further: Why are you in your current job? Discover the elements of your job that make you feel purposeful or the ones about which you’re passionate. That can change your feelings from should to want, because it affects a larger whole that’s important to you.

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