Create More Flow Programs

Camille Preston, CEO of AIM Leadership and author of Create More Flow, has developed custom programs for business leaders, individuals and entire organizations. In these programs, she shares her insights on flow with participants through targeted workshops designed for organizations, as well as monthly half-day flow accelerators, virtual trainings, and keynote addresses.


Apply cutting-edge leadership practices, strategies, and hacks that deliver results. Each coaching session is uniquely designed for you.

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Create More Flow keynotes provide the spark for organization events.

We all know what it feels like to be in the zone and how hard it can be to get there. In these keynote addresses, Camille Preston teaches audiences how to create more flow by developing a flow hacking mindset.

Camille Speaking

Speaking Topics

Get in the Flow: Deliver Peak Performance

Dr. Camille Preston offers concrete steps to help you get into flow. Flow is about peak performance—it’s about working smarter not harder. McKinsey & Company research shows that executives who spend 15% to 20% more time in flow double their productivity. To help you achieve this state, Dr. Preston explains how technology impacts our brain, discusses the science behind optimizing performance and shares five actionable strategies for experiencing more flow in everything you do.

Got Grit? How Facing Fears Makes You a Better Leader

Grit is courage and firmness in the face of hardship. It’s the single biggest factor to overcoming obstacles, setbacks, challenges, and adversity, and it’s the most important factor in great leadership. In this talk, Dr. Camille Preston dares you to imagine not just embracing fear but actively seeking out situations that terrify you with confidence. Learn how to level up your leadership by challenging your assumptions, breaking through barriers, harnessing untapped energy, and getting your grit on.

Rewired for Results: Work Smarter and Live Harder

In her widely acclaimed book, Rewired, Dr. Camille Preston examined how our overuse of technology is negatively impacting our brains, our bodies, our personal and professional relationships, and our productivity. She also showed how we all have the power to rewire. In this talk, learn practical skills to unwire and step back from technology to regain clarity and focus, set boundaries and establish effective systems to be more productive and fulfilled, personally and professionally.

Leader as Coach

Leaders who are effective coaches foster higher performance, see greater returns on investment and report higher employee retention rates. In this talk, Dr. Camille Preston explores the power of coaching to build capacity and resilience across one’s team. She discusses why it is a mistake to assume that coaching is a top down relationship and details the five critical things you need to master to engage your associates, boss, and clients in being their best.

Mastering the Powers of Female Leadership

Men and women not only face different obstacles in the workplace; there is growing evidence that they work in fundamentally different ways too. For too long, women have undervalued their unique capabilities and failed to leverage their differences as core strengths. In this talk, Dr. Camille Preston explores what differentiates women from their male counterparts and discusses how women can leverage their strengths to deliver outstanding results at work, at home and at large.

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Create More Flow programs train individuals, teams, and organizations to build new skills that are proven to optimize peak performance.

Develop a Flow Hacking Mindset
Create actionable hacks to achieve your goals
Have an impact on your behaviors, actions and mindset
Create More Flow teaches people how to:
  • Rethink effectiveness in an overwired world
  • Optimize focus and performance
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Clarify critical outcomes and creatively target solutions
  • Create actionable hacks to maximize impact
  • Unlock behaviors, actions, and mindsets for productivity
  • Face challenges with more clarity, confidence and consistency.
At the conclusion of the program learners will:
  • Understand 5 stages of peak performance
  • Appreciate how to optimize focus and energy
  • Innovate solutions to get desired outcomes, faster and more effectively
  • Feel fired up to get things done and make a difference
  • HAVE FUN – driving forward solutions.

Our program is tailored to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Ready for Flow?

Watching people discover flow for the first time is an amazing experience. Hearing about how flow impacts their work and life in the weeks and months to follow is even more amazing.

– Camille Preston