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Camille Preston is CEO and founder of AIM Leadership, where she lives and shares her passion of igniting leaders and companies from within – to find focus, unlock energy, and identify patterns that both lead to and hinder forward movement.

This passion was ignited on September 11, 2001, Camille’s first day working for the Police Executive Research Forum (after completing her PhD in psychology). While that day is etched in memory for every American, it changed law enforcement forever. For the next three years, Camille worked with the nation’s top police executives to cultivate the resilience they needed to provide steadfast leadership during the difficult time following the attacks.

Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, Camille has continued to help leaders navigate unprecedented challenges and reach new levels of optimization and productivity. She is a master at pattern recognition and has a unique ability to identify hidden obstacles and untapped resources. Camille helps leaders breakdown barriers, leverage inherent strengths, and identify and deploy the tools needed to generate movement and maintain momentum.

Camille also loves sharing her insights with broader audiences, which she does through workshops, speaking engagements, and books, including Rewired and Create More Flow.

In addition to her work at AIM Leadership, Camille is a partner at Blackhorn Ventures and serves on the board of directors at United South End Settlements.

When Camille isn’t helping other people ignite and optimize, she is pushing herself to the next level. A committed yogi, experienced marathon runner, and life-longer learner, Camille is always pursuing new personal and professional physical and mental challenges. Camille lives with her husband, Mark, and her children, Preston and Adeline, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Camille's Speaking Topics

Other Side of the Coin: Turning Employee Engagement on Its Head

For well over a decade, low employee engagement has been identified as one of the top problems facing organizations. In this talk, Camille Preston offers insight into why most efforts to fix the employee engagement fail and what needs to change to effectively tackle the problem. Turning the focus from organizations to individuals, Camille delves into the psychology of motivation and offers leaders and managers concrete strategies to create the conditions under which individual employees can truly thrive.

Create Flow, Ignite Productivity, and Optimize Well-being

In this presentation, Camille Preston presents an overview of flow and its role in productivity, effectiveness, and growth. She also outlines five actionable strategies to achieve more flow in your life and work. Attendees will walk away with best practices and strategies for building a flow-centric workplace, such as developing internal control, prioritizing tasks, and building self-management skills.

Rewired for Results: Work Smarter and Live Harder

In her widely acclaimed book, Rewired, Camille Preston examined how our overuse of technology is negatively impacting our brains, our bodies, our personal and professional relationships, and our productivity. In this talk, learn practical skills to unwire and step back from technology to regain clarity and focus, set boundaries and establish effective systems to be more productive and fulfilled, personally and professionally.

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Read an excerpt from Create More Flow

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