Case Study 1: C-Suite of a Fast-Growing Technology Company

A lucrative division within a technology business with an estimated value exceeding 6 billion was struggling to get in sync for a national rollout of a new service. They needed the right people and the right plan in place. Executive tensions were putting the rollout in jeopardy.

Camille quickly diagnosed two problems holding back the division. Their long-term executive team was aligned on paper but not in reality. As a result, they were unable to catalyze the changes needed to drive momentum. Worse yet, inflated egos were eroding the team’s communication, trust, and transparency.

Through coaching and a priority assessment for core team members and an off-sight retreat, Camille was able to surface dysfunctions holding back the team and catalyze change. Within months, the division had redesigned its team. The division’s President, who realized he was burnt out and needed to move on to a new venture, also exited.

Result: The division found the focus and momentum needed to prepare for the rollout of their new service. Following AIM’s engagement, the company has continued to expand and grow. In 2020, despite the pandemic, the company reported year-over-year revenue growth of 22 percent.

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