Speaking & Training Testimonials

  • Camille was the best speaker out of anyone I saw!
    Participant, Work Life Congress, Working Mother Media
  • Camille’s presentation was excellent. In addition to being an engaging speaker, she did a nice job of blending science into the business case for change and helped participants develop actionable solutions. Her remarks were discussed the rest of the day.

    Participant, Work Life Congress, Working Mother Media
  • Camille is a natural on stage. She engaged the participants with relevant interaction and her presentation style. She was prepared and obviously very knowledgeable about her topic. I like that she shared the science (proof) behind the recommendations.

    Participant, Work Life Congress, Working Mother Media
  • Working with Camille brought an unusual combination of structure and creativity to bear on my endeavors. The structure she provided gave me motivation to stay on task, even with daunting, long term projects that would otherwise have been easy to postpone. And the creative questions she posed helped me to see some of my challenges in helpful new ways, opening paths to solutions that I would never have seen on my own. Camille brings a perfect mix of insight and energy to her engagements, offering both deep reflections and practical applications.

    Founder, Honeybee Capital
  • My work with Camille and the Women’s Mastermind enabled me to focus on my ability to lead with presence. Her feedback, coaching, and encouragement has ultimately enabled me to develop a peacefulness and calmness in my interactions at work in situations that I previously found stressful and unsettling. Camille has a remarkable ability to structure both one-on-one and group coaching sessions in ways that immediately maximize the time we have together. Amazing experience!

    Executive within Boston Public Schools
  • I already see an improvement in my efforts to make more connections with my staff and feel that I am receiving more respect as a result.

    Office Manager, National Labor Relations Board
  • In 2005, Camille delivered a customized high-impact, powerful retreat for members of the US Army and their spouses. Participants left with new communication skills, more tools for building effective partnerships, expanded understanding of leadership at home and at work, renewed energy, and ideas for applying the new knowledge personally and professionally. Camille meets military personnel where they are, understands their pressing challenges and addresses their needs in a language that they understand. With her expertise and warmth, she won over several unwilling participants. She created unprecedented results by combining her interpersonal grace with her knowledge and expertise.

    Colonel, US Army
  • Camille was amazing.  Infectious enthusiasm in a genuine and not contrived way.   She created an informative, interesting session that left me with challenges I am excited to tackle.   She kept the two days interesting and inspiring.  Camille is the right amount of positive energy and pleasant that made the experience very engaging.

    Executive, NBC
  • Very insightful, competent and keeping us on track.  No doubt, Camille is a very strong authority in her field and moreover, a pleasant person to work with.

    CEO, Celgene Europe
  • Camille was excellent. She was a genuine, passionate, and brilliant facilitator. She did a wonderful job of coaching and mentoring. She helped me find ways to make myself a better leader. She is talented and has truly found her calling in life.

    Leader, Inova Hospital