Virtual Effectiveness


We live in a virtual world. No doubt about it. And it’s great. Except when it’s not.

There are profound advantages to living and working in a virtual world. But there are challenges and pitfalls, too.

Virtual Effectiveness is the intersection of having the awareness and fortitude to self-manage, the systems and technology to engage efficiently, and the relationship skills to collaborate effectively with anyone, anywhere. AIM Leadership has pioneered the field of Virtual Leadership, with the vision of people doing what they love, from places they love, with people they enjoy.

We believe Virtual Effectiveness is essential to living a happy, fulfilled, and optimized life. And at AIM we offer the following programs and training sessions to help you develop the essentials skills for the virtual world:

  • Virtual Effectiveness: The Building Blocks of Success
  • Virtual Effectiveness: Defining It For the Individual, Team & Organization
  • Virtual Leadership: How To Lead Wirelessly
  • Virtual Management: The A to Z’s of Effective Virtual Management
  • Virtual Collaborations: Working Together From aAar.
  • Virtual Engagement: Recruit, Retain and Re-focus Top Talent for Results
  • Virtual Communication: How to Promote Innovation and Transparency.
  • Virtual Influence: Engaging Effective Decision-Making Remotely.

In addition, AIM founder Camille Preston has written the following books and articles on Virtual Effectiveness, available for purchase:

  • Virtual Effectiveness
  • Virtual Authenticity
  • Virtual Influence
  • The Art of Optimization
  • Authentic Encounters
  • The Science of Complexification