The Man Class


How to Conquer Business, Get Respect, Establish Real Relationships & Feel Like a Man

Why doesn’t she appreciate all that I am doing for her?

Why is she always pushing my buttons when she says she loves me?

Why is it so difficult for women to communicate with men?

What needs to happen to ensure that I am respected?

Men are fundamentally different than women. These and other questions hound men on a daily basis. There is no manual to deal with these issues, but there is help, and it is a special class offered by AIM associate John Wineland called “The Man Class.”

John is a men’s group facilitator in Los Angeles and an expert consultant in the personal leadership field. He has spent the better part of the last 5 years exploring and teaching men how to navigate and deepen their relationships and helping men and women strengthen trust and intimacy.

In this teleseminar series, participants will learn:

  • How to guide relationships to achieve the respect and appreciation you want.
  • How to communicate with women so that they will want to connect with you.
  • The core differences between masculine energy and feminine energy.
  • How to be the “man” in the relationship.
  • Why women have so many personalities.
  • How to protect and create that safe space for your family and friends.
  • How to make your intimate relationships even more passionate.
  • The best way to have women want you even more and want to spend even more time with you.
  • How to have your woman trust you.

You will also:

Learn how to listen to a woman:

  • Find out what she wants and understand how to give it to her.
  • Find the problems and solve them.
  • Know specifically what you are capable of doing.

Find your purpose:

  • Map out what you will do and how you will do it.
  • Achieve what you are truly capable of.

Get respect in your personal/professional relationships:

  • Have your woman respect you on an intellectual and sexual level.
  • Have your boss and coworkers respect your work and achievements.

Know who you are and what you truly represent:

  • Be proud of your achievements and accomplishments.

Maintain the lust that you want your woman to have for you:

  • Have the wild passionate sex you’ve always wanted.
  • Own your woman and your life.

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