Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.”– John Kenneth Galbraith

Helping you make the most of your meetings.
Meetings are expensive–in time, money, and energy. All too often, groups fail to address the core issues and underlying contentions, and, like the quote below, very often nothing seems to be accomplished. But AIM Leadership specializes in facilitating great meetings. We can ensure that your meetings or retreats are dynamic, productive, and results oriented.

AIM associates:

  • Co-design and facilitate events and meetings that are informative, provocative, and address critical, often unspoken, challenges.
  • Drive the meeting agenda, allowing leaders to participate more fully.
  • Leverage relevant, hands-on learning to make your meetings, retreats, and team-buildings more productive, more impactful, and more fun.
  • Watch leaders in action to provide real-time feedback, insights, and encouragement.
  • Ensure learning is incorporated into work environments and embedded into on-going team meetings.

Your group will:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively.
  • Innovate before challenges arise.
  • Sustain collaboration in creating strategic solutions.
  • Clarify where they want to be, identify current and potential conflicts, and learn how to proceed through specific tangible steps.

You’ll never look at meetings the same way again.

If you are interested in having AIM facilitate your meeting or retreat, please contact us.