AIM Leadership offers results-oriented coaching programs designed to fit the goals, time-constraints, personal interests, and organizational context of our clients.

Our dynamic, personalized programs have helped hundreds of clients achieve lasting and meaningful success as better leaders, managers, and people. No matter what you want to achieve personally or professionally, we can help you live and lead a better, fuller, more meaningful life.No one is ever the same after AIM coaching; they are better. We offer eight different coaching programs, and we customize our programs just for you.

Leadership Coaching

Designed for successful individuals who seek even more from life, AIM’s Leadership Coaching is customized to support individuals and leaders at all levels and professions in uncovering their fullest potential. AIM Leadership Coaching creates quantum shifts: clients learn to work smarter (not necessarily more or harder), create real relationships, enhance their credibility, lead with purpose, communicate with clarity, learn with less effort, and develop sustained balance, both personally and professionally. Great leaders are made, and we can help.

Executive Leadership

This coaching program is designed for senior executives. The program elevates senior executives to become best-in-class leaders who will leave a lasting, positive mark on their organization.

Change Leadership

Change is hard; it takes special skill sets to navigate the often rough waters. This coaching program is designed to ground and guide executives as they lead their companies and employees through organizational change that may stem from growth, a changing economy, an acquisition, merger, or other change stimulus.


Onboarding is the process of acclimating and welcoming new employees (either new hires or promotions) into an organization. The most critical period is the first 90-days. This coaching program is designed to smooth their arrival and help transition them into the organization and/or their new role, with the goal of fostering early wins and creating long-lasting results.

High Potential

This highly personalized coaching program is designed to build on executives’ and managers’ existing strengths and develop new areas to maximize their potential.

Skills Development

This program is designed to help employees and executives develop their inner strengths. The program incorporates 360-degree assessments and self-assessments to aid executives in becoming the best leaders they can be.

Team Coaching

Great teams work together with vision, purpose, and results. But leading and working with teams can be challenging. As organizations become more global and the pace of business increases, leaders must learn new skills for developing relationships, communicating more effectively, and engaging authentically – often with significantly less “face time.” This program turns real client issues and internal organizational challenges into relevant, memorable learning opportunities. As problems arise, team members learn simple, effective frameworks to clarify expectations, address differences, solve problems, and ensure authentic communication. AIM Team Coaching can help make your team dynamic and successful, with the results you need.

Peer Coaching

AIM’s Peer Coaching delivers training, real-time coaching, facilitation, and skill development to small groups that eventually become self-sustaining internal coaching teams. Participants practice coaching skills with peers, develop new strategies as leaders, benefit from “real-time” strategic interventions with the facilitator/coach, build a supportive self-perpetuating network, and receive valuable coaching from their peers.

How AIM Coaching Works

Though the process varies depending on the client and the service, we typically begin with an intake session, which includes an intake questionnaire and conversations with the client and stakeholders to clarify coaching priorities. Once we have established what the goals are, we begin regular sessions in the time and manner that works best for the client (in phone or in person, for example). We assign “homework” – we expect our clients to dig deep and work hard. Throughout the process, we recalibrate goals and expectations, as most AIM clients accomplish their initial goals quickly and are eager to raise the bar. Coaching ends when the clients reach their objectives.


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