Whether its coaching, training, a workshop, retreat, or other service, AIM Leadership will customize our approach to work with the specific needs, strengths, and challenges of you, your team, or organization in the timeframe, manner, and approach that is right for you. And if you aren’t sure where to start, we can help you with that, too.

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    Outstanding leaders know the cornerstone of effective leadership and how to translate this into competitive advantage. Do you know your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities? How could you be maximizing your competitive advantage, even more?

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    Great leaders are constantly growing and pursuing their next, new competitive edge. How are you moving toward your highest potential? Where are your limitations? Are you looking deep inside yourself to create the world you want to live in?

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    Developmental Planning

    Accelerate learning by tapping your full capacity. Close the gap: Know where you are, where you want to go and what is holding you back. Do you know where to focus your developmental time, energy, and resources to maximize impact? How are you pushing the envelope? How are you proactively building capacity?

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    Emotional Intelligence

    EQ: Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of great leadership. Emotional Intelligence—also called EQ—is the ability to understand and evaluate emotions, both our own and those of others. EQ is awareness. It is the ability to get along well with others, to read people, to form relationships, and to be present emotionally. In business, relationships […]

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    “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonDeveloping better leaders, and better people. Leadership matters. Strong, effective leadership is the cornerstone of any business or endeavor. There is no growth, no profit, and no progress without strong, inspiring leaders. At AIM, we […]

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    You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. How are you picking your peers? Amid the fast pace of business, identifying, cultivating, and nurturing these relationships can be challenge.

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    Rewired for Results

    How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World We live in a wired world. Which is great, until it’s not. Increasingly we aren’t just wired, we’re overwired. Our use and overuse of technology has actually changed how our brains and bodies work, and not for the better. More and […]

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    Edutainment: Integrate informative presentations with dynamic delivery to engage and inspire participants into action. How are you increasing individual, team and organizational capacity? Who is inspiring your teams to achieve unprecedented results?

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    Engage experientially. Expand capacity. Deepen self-awareness. Explore new perspectives. Great training inspires leaders to integrate and apply new strategies to create unprecedented personal and professional growth. What are you learning? How are you inspiring?

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    Virtual Effectiveness

    Tomorrow’s greatest leaders are cultivating their capacity to lead effectively from anywhere, today. How are you cultivating your ability to engage across geography? Technology? Generations? How are you proactively building the systems and processes to prepare for our virtual world?