On Friday May 18th, 2012 Camille appeared on Improve Every Year at WomensRadio with host Claire Power Murphy!


Improve Every Year! at WomensRadio, highlights reform measures desperately needed to counteract both the healthcare and education crises.

Host Claire Power Murphy, FIBA  is a multi award-winning author and director of the Self Rejuvenation Center, Inc. (SRC) where she hosts her own weekly Online Video Show, The Claire Power Murphy Show which acts as a complement to her Womens Radio episodes.

This past week, host Claire Power Murphy interviewed Camille as she shared tips for entrepreneurs to unplug and unwire in this overwired world!

Listen to the interview here.


Come join in a great day of learning with the 2nd Annual Womens Intelligence Trust Event in San Francisco Thursday, May 17th!

I am so excited to be speaking at the 2nd Annual WIT Event on Thursday in San Francisco at the St. Francis Yacht Club!

The conference features a keynote speech from author Dr. Louann Brizendine and also features a lunchtime panel on security.  WIT attendees will then hear presentations on topics such as economics, creativity and innovation, and women’s health.

WIT is an organization empowering women’s minds, hearts, and souls through the use of education. Topics in the past have included finance, global economics, healthcare, innovation, science, technology, trust and tax ideas. In a salon-like environment, women are encouraged to participate in an intimate atmosphere where ideas are shared openly.

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
St. Francis Yacht Club, San Fransisco, CA

For more information and to register click here

On Friday May 4, 2012 Camille appeared on the Radio Entrepreneurs Show with host Jeffrey S. Davis

Radio Entrepreneurs is a radio talk show highlighting the stories of entrepreneurship. The show focuses on entrepreneurs of all kinds, stories of success, and provides listeners with advise and insight from experts.

The Radio Entrepreneur community is one of sharing and learning together. Each week, entrepreneurs come together over the airways and in person to bring entrepreneurship to its fullest potential.

This past week, host Jeffery S. Davis interviewed Camille as she talked about leadership, emotional intelligence and what it takes to excel in our overwired world!

Listen to the interview here

Gaining control of your life: Where’s your doorknob?

Doors are gateways, literally and metaphorically. Every day we pass through dozens of doors. We open doors, we close doors. We unlock doors, we lock doors.

gaining control of your life: where is your doorknob

Specifically, we open and close doors by the doorknobs. It is the doorknobs that control how and when doors are opened. A Buddhist lesson encourages us first to find our doorknobs and then determine if your doorknob is on the inside or the outside. If your doorknobs are on the outside you are subject to information from the outside crashing in on you. If your doorknobs are on the inside, you control the flow. You are able to turn the incoming information on and off accordingly.

One could argue that living overwired we have surrendered control of our doorknobs. Things flow into our homes, our offices, our lives, and our personal time that we do not control: voluminous e-mails, texts, phone calls from colleagues, late night documents to review, after-hours conference calls, the list goes on and on.

Understanding where your doorknob is located is the key to controlling the energy around you. It is your life and your doorknob. You can take control if you choose.

So ask yourself:

  • Where is my doorknob?
  • Is it on the inside, where you can control the flow?
  • Or is it on the outside, where everyone else is in control of what comes at you and how you spend your time?

Once you understand where your doorknob is located, and who is controlling it, you can start to rewire for wellness.

Resolve to rewire: Tip #2

Continuing with the theme of resolving to rewire, here is another tip from my book, Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World:

Stop letting technology use you. Start using technology.
Because the wired world is always at our fingertips, because it is always available to us, we have conditioned ourselves to always be available to it. We can sometimes feel like technology is using us, instead of he other way around. But the great thing about technology is that we can use it to our advantage. The two most common complaints I hear from my clients are e-mail overload and feeling hostage to their smartphones. Let’s tackle e-mail first:

• It’s your inbox — take control of it!
• Before opening anything, scroll through and delete all non-essential messages.
• Use your spam filter!
• Get off all those e-mail lists. Unsubscribe and don’t sign up in the first place.
• Create a separate e-mail address just for junk mail, RSS feeds, newsletters, etc.
• Establish a clear protocol with clients and colleagues about when to cc, so you don’t get unnecessary e-mails.
• Train yourself not to respond every time you see the new e-mail icon. Better yet, turn off that function. Even better, pick five or six times a day when you will open, read, and respond to e-mails.

The smartphone is a bit trickier, as for many of us it is the only phone we own. We can’t very well just turn it off or ignore it. But we can:

• Be liberal with caller ID.
• Let calls go to voicemail.
• Let callers know what our office hours are and when we will return calls.

By using technology properly, we can prevent it from using us.

Read more about Rewired at http://aimleadership.com/resources/rewired/

Leadership Strategies

New Rules of SuccessIf you have ever complained that you are drowning in emails, that you are exhausted from running uphill on the out-of-control treadmill of life , or that you feel like a stranger to those you love the most, well you are not alone.   AIM’s ebooks offer strategies and ways out.


In the meantime, what are three small changes that will get you off the treadmill temporarily?

AIMing for even greater strategies,